The Kommandant’s Girl

Author Pam Jenoff ISBN-10 0778320588 ISBN-13 9780778320586 Year 2016-09-27 Pages 384 Language English Publisher MIRA Download Link Click Here In her luminous and groundbreaking debut bestselling author Pam Jenoff shows the unimaginable sacrifices one woman must make in a time of war Nineteen year old Emma Bau has been married only three weeks when Nazi tanks thunder into her native Poland Within days Emmas husband Jacob is forced to disappear underground leaving her imprisoned within the citys decrepit moldering Jewish ghetto But then in the dead of night the resistance smuggles her out Taken to Krakow to live with Jacobs Catholic aunt Krysia Emma takes on a new identity as Anna Lipowski a gentile Emmas already precarious situation is complicated by her introduction to Kommandant Richwalder a high ranking Nazi official who hires her to work as his assistant Urged by the resistance to use her position to access details of the Nazi occupation Emma must compromise her safetyand her marriage vowsin order to help Jacobs cause As the atrocities of war intensify Emma must make choices that will force her to risk not only her double life but also the lives of those she loves

Believe Training Journal (Classic Red, Updated Edition)

Author Lauren Fleshman ISBN-10 1937715604 ISBN-13 9781937715601 Year 2017-04-01 Pages 240 Language English Publisher VeloPress Download Link Click Here The Believe Training Journal by professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan Dumas is much more than a running workout log its a secret weapon Lauren and Ro created their first Believe I Am training diary when they couldnt find a workout log that inspired them to keep using it Now matching the interior of the charcoal and lavender editions this new updated Believe Training Journal in the popular Classic Red color will help runners set goals see what works and what doesnt keep their heads in the game stay honest when no ones looking and prove when the works been done With a smart functional design the Believe Training Journal guides runners through their season helping set goals plan training weeks record daily workouts and keep runners focused The Journal includes an undated annual calendar undated daily and weekly running logs how to use a training log how to set goals how personality affects performance how to design a training plan a dozen key workouts tips on fueling a new way to think about body image mental tips for competition…

Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation

Author Jeff Brown ISBN-10 1556438109 ISBN-13 9781556438103 Year 2009-08-25 Pages 216 Language English Publisher North Atlantic Books Download Link Click Here Soulshaping is the inspiring memoir of an archetypal male warrior a trial lawyerwho struggled to find his heart and a more authentic soulful path Rivetingly personal and profoundly universal this book is for anyone who has heard a whisper of something truer calling out to them amid the distractions of modern life Jeff Browns dramatic and often funny story takes readers through remarkably human experiencesemotional physical and economicas he vividly recounts his troubled childhood his success in apprenticing with Canadas top criminal lawyer and his ultimate decision to leave the law and begin an inner journey to discover his souls purpose A work of courageous self creation Soulshaping reminds us that we are all truly connected that our seemingly isolated struggles are actually part of the shared human challenge to live a life that is heart centered and soul driven Both down to earth and magically mystical Soulshaping will meet you where you liveand where you long to live

Essentials of Comparative Politics (Fifth Edition)

Author Patrick H. O’Neil ISBN-10 0393938972 ISBN-13 9780393938975 Year 2015-06-02 Pages 456 Language English Publisher W. W. Norton & Company Download Link Click Here The most flexible package for comparative politics provides the best value for students The Essentials of Comparative Politics family provides all of the tools professors need to introduce the study and comparison of political systems A brief conceptual textbook of the core ideas behind comparative politics a complete casebook of thirteen country studies and a comprehensive reader of secondary and primary sourcestogether these give instructors the utmost flexibility in structuring their courses without asking students to pay too much

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked Years)

Author Gregory Maguire ISBN-10 0061350966 ISBN-13 9780061350962 Year 2007-09-25 Pages 560 Language English Publisher Harper Download Link Click Here This is the book that started it all The basis for the smash hit Tony Award winning Broadway musical Gregory Maguire s breathtaking New York Times bestseller Wicked views the land of Oz its inhabitants its Wizard and the Emerald City through a darker and greener not rosier lens Brilliantly inventive Wicked offers us a radical new evaluation of one of the most feared and hated characters in all of literature the much maligned Wicked Witch of the West who as Maguire tells us wasnt nearly as Wicked as we imagined

Falstaff: Give Me Life (Shakespeare’s Personalities)

Author Harold Bloom ISBN-10 1501164139 ISBN-13 9781501164132 Year 2017-04-04 Pages 176 Language English Publisher Scribner Download Link Click Here From Harold Bloom one of the greatest Shakespeare scholars of our time as well as a beloved professor who has taught the Bard for over half a century an intimate wise deeply compelling portrait of FalstaffShakespeares greatest enduring and complex comedic character Falstaff is both a comic and tragic central protagonist in Shakespeares three Henry plays Henry IV Parts One and Two and Henry V He is companion to Prince Hal the future Henry V who loves him goads him teases him indulges his vast appetites and commits all sorts of mischief with himsome innocent some cruel Falstaff can be lewd funny careless of others a bad creditor an unreliable friend and in the end devastatingly reckless in his presumption of loyalty from the new King Award winning author and beloved professor Harold Bloom writes about Falstaff with the deepest compassion and sympathy and also with unerring wisdom He uses the relationship between Falstaff and Hal to explore the devastation of severed bonds and the heartbreak of betrayal Just as we encounter one type of Anna Karenina or Jay Gatsby when…

The Survivalist (Freedom Lost)

Author Dr. Arthur T Bradley ISBN-10 1540326667 ISBN-13 9781540326669 Year 2017-02-25 Pages 272 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here The Survivalist may be thebest post apocalyptic series out there raves Steve Erwood of theDisaster Preparedness Blog In addition to a steady stream of gunfights with zombie like mutants roadway bandits and opportunistic warlords thebooksteachdozens ofuseful survival tricks Learn to hotwire cars construct homemade booby traps build garbage powered generators and retrieve fuel from abandoned gas pumps Bryan Foster author ofThe Prepper s Handbook says It s rare to find books this entertaining that are so well researched Nicholas Sansbury Smith author ofExtinction Horizon adds The Survivalist books areincredibly addictive They create acool western vibenot seen since Louis L Amour s timeless classics Freedom Lostis theninth bookina series described as a cross between Justified and The Walking Dead When a friend is wrongly convicted Deputy Marshal Mason Raines must take his place in a gunfighting competition unlike any other To survive he must overcome a handful of unique shooting challenges each with deadly consequences As Mason defeats one ruthless competitor after another he begins to question not only the brutality of the competition but also the…

Moon Rising (Wings of Fire, Book 6)

Author Tui T. Sutherland ISBN-10 0545685362 ISBN-13 9780545685368 Year 2016-06-28 Pages 336 Language English Publisher Scholastic Inc. Download Link Click Here Peace has come to Pyrrhia for now The war between the tribes is finally over and now the dragonets of the prophecy have a plan for lasting peace Jade Mountain Academy a school that will gather dragonets from all the tribes and teach them to live together perhaps even as friends Moonwatcher isn t sure how she feels about school however Hidden in the rainforest for most of her life the young NightWing has an awful secret She can read minds and even see the future Living in a cave with dozens of other dragons is noisy exhausting and dangerous In just a few days Moon finds herself overwhelmed by her secret powers and bombarded by strange thoughts including those of a mysterious dragon who might be a terrible enemy And when someone starts attacking dragons within the academy Moon has a choice to make Stay hidden and safe Or risk everything to save her new friends

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats

Author Peter Menzel ISBN-10 0984074422 ISBN-13 9780984074426 Year 2007-09-01 Pages 288 Language English Publisher Material World Download Link Click Here The age old practice of sitting down to a family meal is undergoing unprecedented change as rising world affluence and trade along with the spread of global food conglomerates transform eating habits worldwide HUNGRY PLANET profiles 30 families from around the world including Bosnia Chad Egypt Greenland Japan the United States and France and offers detailed descriptions of weekly food purchases photographs of the families at home at market and in their communities and a portrait of each family surrounded by a week s worth of groceries Featuring photo essays on international street food meat markets fast food and cookery this captivating chronicle offers a riveting look at what the world really eats The paperback edition of the 2006 James Beard Book of the Year featuring a photojournalistic survey of 30 families from 24 countries and the food they eat during the course of one week Winner of the 2006 James Beard Award for writings on food finalist for the 2006 IACP Cookbook Award for food reference technical and winner of the 2005 Harry Chapin Media Award Includes more than…

Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory

Author Tod Bolsinger ISBN-10 0830841261 ISBN-13 9780830841264 Year 2015-12-14 Pages 250 Language English Publisher IVP Books Download Link Click Here Explorers Lewis and Clark had to adapt While they had prepared to find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean instead they found themselves in the Rocky Mountains You too may feel that you are leading in a cultural context you were not expecting You may even feel that your training holds you back more often than it carries you along Drawing from his extensive experience as a pastor and consultant Tod Bolsinger brings decades of expertise in guiding churches and organizations through uncharted territory He offers a combination of illuminating insights and practical tools to help you reimagine what effective leadership looks like in our rapidly changing world If youre going to scale the mountains of ministry you need to leave behind canoes and find new navigational tools Reading this book will set you on the right course to lead with confidence and courage